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Globales Beratungsnetzwerk

HBS GmbH Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft


  • Auditing of annual accounts
  • Auditing of group accounts (HGB, IAS/IFRS)
  • Peer review
  • Special audits
    • Audits in connection with the establishment of new businesses, increase of capital, restructuring
    • Due Diligence
    • Insolvency checks
    • Review of internal control systems
    • EDP system checks
    • Management assessment
    • Embezzlement review
    • Review of credit standing
    • Special reviews regarding German stock, Corporation LawSpecial reviews regarding German stock, Corporation Law
    • Other reviews (e.g. MaBV, Grüner Punkt)
  • Preparation of annual and group accounts (HGB, IAS/IFRS)
  • Conversion to IAS/IFRS accounting rules

Tax Consultation

  • Current tax consultation
    • Preparation of tax returns for companies and private persons
    • Assistance with field audits
    • Legal remedy proceedings
    • Turnover tax/wage tax consultation
  • International tax law
    • Outbound Investments
    • Inbound Investments
    • Transfer prices, documentation requirements
    • Taxation of operational facilities
    • Restructuring of functions
    • Employee assignment
    • External tax law, double-taxation agreement law
  • Tax structuring consultation
    • Group structuring
    • Group restructuring
    • Transformation of legal form of organization
    • Acquisition and sale of business enterprises
    • Successor planning and transfer of property (also providing cross-bordering)

Other Services

  • Business establishment consulting
    • Business plans
    • Finance and promotion consulting
    • Selection of legal form
  • Management consulting
    • Investment consulting
    • Finance consulting
    • Going Public
    • Valuation of business enterprises
    • Setting up early warning risk systems
    • Private and company pensions
    • Employee participation
  • Insolvency and capital reorganization consulting
  • Establishment of and services to foundations
  • Trusteeship
    • Asset management
    • Execution of wills
    • Representation of shareholders
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