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Globales Beratungsnetzwerk


  • Company Law
    • Stock corporation law
    • GmbH law
    • Commercial partnerships law
    • Employee representation
  • Business establishment
    • Consulting service regarding the selection of legal form and busi-ness location
    • Articles of incorporation/partnership
    • Foundation proceedings
  • Acquisition and sale of business enterprises
  • Restructuring of enterprises
    • Consulting service with respect to restructuring projects (merger, splitting, change of legal form)
    • Preparation of restructuring concepts
    • Preparation of restructuring agreements and reports
  • Succession
    • Succession inter vivos
    • Last wills (of entrepreneurs)
  • Law on foundations and en-dowments
    • Establishment and management of and consulting services to non-profit, private and incorporated foundations and endowments
  • Succession and donations
    • Donation deeds
    • Last will, deed of inheritance
    • Foreign proceedings
    • Distribution and partition of estates
    • Execution of last wills
  • General law of contracts
    • Lease contracts
    • IT agreements
    • General agreements
    • Cooperation agreements
  • Industrial relations law
    • Establishment and alteration of terms of employment and service
    • Notice and termination agreements
    • Employee representation
  • Insolvency law
    • Preventing insolvency
    • Insolvency consultation
  • European law and international private law
  • Representation before fiscal courts
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